Moratorium On Electric Utility Disconnects Has Been Lifted

On June 16, 2021, Gila River Indian Community Governor Lewis issued Executive Order #11 (EO #11) that lifted the moratorium on electric utility disconnects.

In light of EO #11, GRICUA’s Customer Service Team will begin reaching out to those customers with past due balances in excess of $100 to work with them to avoid being disconnected.

GRICUA will be able to extend payment arrangements for those customers who need an additional amount of time to bring their past due balances current. GRICUA will allow an additional 1 to 12 months to bring balances current. Customers will be able to arrange the length of time that works best for them.

For those customers not receiving Community assistance, past due balances may be transferred to our Prepaid Metering Program (Prepaid Program) which includes a debt management feature. The Prepaid Program is a pay as you go program and a percentage of your past due balance is paid each time you make a prepay payment.

Please call our Customer Service department to find out more about available options or visit our website at to learn about the Prepaid Metering Program features and conditions of participation.

Please note that disconnects do not occur during an excessive heat advisory, which is when the temperature exceeds 105º Fahrenheit for 5 consecutive days. Once the temperature drops below 105º Fahrenheit disconnects will resume.

If you have a past due balance, do not wait – call our Customer Service Team today to make arrangements to pay your past due and avoid being disconnected.

We look forward to working with you.