2020-2021 STEAAAM

2020-2021 Virtual STEAAAM Program​


Due to the recent success of our Virtual STEAAAM Summer Program, GRICUA will be hosting an ongoing Virtual STEAAAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Agriculture, Architecture and Math) Program over the next year. Each Quarter, GRICUA will post 3 activities (one per month) on its Facebook page and website.

  • The Virtual STEAAAM program will offer STEAAAM based activities that the students can do right at home using household items.
  • One (1) STEAAAM activity will be posted on GRICUA’s website and Facebook page each month.
  • Students who complete all 3 activities in each Quarter will earn a $25.00 gift card, a STEAAAM activity kit and 4 General Admission guest passes to the Arizona Science Center!!!

​Quarter 1: October - December
Quarter 2: January - March
Quarter 3: April - June
Quarter 4: July - September

Virtual STEAAAM program
  • Parents will submit a photo/video to GRICUA for proof of completed project(s).
  • Registration is required and must be completed prior to the start of a Quarter.
  • Must have internet access.
  • This is NOT a live-stream event.
  • Students must be in Kindergarten-8th grade in the 2020-2021 school year.
  • In order to participate in GRICUA’s STEAAAM Summer Program, students and their parents or guardians must understand and agree to the following:

 Registration Deadline

  • ​Deadline to register is Friday, prior to the start of a Quarter at 4:00 PM.
  • Mail, fax or email applications to: GRICUA Attn: STEAAAM Program at 6636 W. Sundust Rd Box 5091, Chandler, AZ 85226 or Fax 520-796-0672 or llarney@gricua.net.
  • Parents will need to submit a photo/video of completed projects to GRICUA.
  • All information submitted within the registration form will be kept confidential.

STEAAAM Virtual Activities

Click on a button below to open that activity

Activity #1 - October

Apple Mummies

Activity #2 - November

Oil Spill Cleanup

Activity #3 - December

Crystal "Snowflake"

Activity #4 - January

I Spy Tubes

Activity #5 - February

Musical Instrument

Activity #6 - March

Anti Gravity Gyro

Activity #7 - April

Slow It Down

Activity #8 - May

Windy City Tower

Activity #9 - June

Safe Landing Challenge

Activity #10 - July

Measuring Temperature

Activity #11 - August

Ocean In A Bottle

Activity #12 - September

Walking Rainbow
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