General Manager
Mentoring Program

The General Manager Mentoring Program is a 3-5 year comprehensive training program (depending on experience and progression). Training will take place within and outside of GRICUA. You will learn from the General Manager, Finance Director, Operations Director, experienced Draftsmen, Meter Technician, Lineman and others directly involved with the work in the utility.

GRICUA Management Training Program Application Process

I. Background

On May 17, 2013 the GRICUA Board of Directors (GRICUA Board) adopted the General Manager Mentoring Program (GMMP). The purpose of the GMMP is to provide a program that provides comprehensive training to a Gila River Indian Community (GRIC or Community) Member so that they would be qualified to become the next General Manager of GRICUA.

It will be up to the GRICUA Board to select a candidate to participate in the Management Training Program (MTP). The GRICUA Board reserves the right to not select a candidate after reviewing all applications.

It is expected that the MTP may take from 3 – 5 years, depending upon the experience and progress of the selected candidate.

The MTP candidate will report to the General Manager or others as assigned by the General Manager. As described later in this document, the General Manager will make reports to the GRICUA Board regarding the progress of the MTP candidate. The MTP candidate will be compensated during the term of the GMMP. This compensation will include benefits such as vacation, sick leave, medical and retirement plan options.

II. Application Process

1. Job Posting

GRICUA has posted the job vacancy on GRICUA’s website, in the GRIN and the bulletin boards at the Governance Center and District offices. The job posting specifies where an application package can be obtained and the date and time for submitting the application. This information is restated below:

Application Packages

Download from GRICUA’s website at

Picked up at GRICUA’s office at 6636 West Sundust Rd, Chandler, AZ

Application Submittal

Due Date: Open until filled Application must be mailed or hand delivered to GRICUA’s office at 6636 West Sundust Rd, Chandler, AZ 85226 in a sealed envelope labeled - “GRICUA MTP APPLICATION”. Faxed and emailed applications will NOT be accepted.

2. Application Review Process

Step One – Review Of Applications

The GRICUA Board and evaluation team will review all applications, including verification of applicant information. Within thirty (30) days from the close of accepting applications, the GRICUA Board will identify no more than three (3) applicants to move to Step Two.

Step Two – Applicant Interviews

The selected applicants will be required to take an assessment test and have their references contacted prior to the start of formal interviews. A minimum of one interview with each group listed below will be scheduled with each applicant. It is possible that more than one interview may be requested. Interviews will be scheduled by the General Manager.

        • GRICUA Board
        • Operations Director, Finance Director, Legal Counsel & Human Resources Consultant
        • General Manager

Step Three – Mentee Selection

Based upon the applications, interviews and test results, the GRICUA Board will make a final selection of a candidate to be invited to enter the mentorship program.

The GRICUA Board will prepare an offer sheet and employment agreement for the selected candidate. All offers will be contingent upon the results of the following:

        • Conduct background check for selected candidate(s)
        • Initiate drug test for selected candidate(s)

III. Draft Management Training Program (MTP) Schedule

It is anticipated that the MTP mentee will complete the training program in one year. Upon completion of the training program, the GRICUA Board will have made a determination as to the individual that will become the new General Manager. While it is expected that upon completion of the MTP, the candidate would be selected to be the new General Manager, that outcome is not guaranteed.

On the next page is a draft timeline for the training process. The training schedule will be fluid and adapt to changes that may occur during the three-year period.

IV. Oversight

The GRICUA Board recognized the need for the on-going monitoring of the candidate while in the MTP. The GRICUA Board will form a “General Manager Succession Committee” (GM Succession Committee). The GM Succession Committee will be made up of two (2) GRICUA Board Members, the current General Manager and the current GRICUA Human Resources person. The GM Succession Committee will monitor the progress of the candidate and make reports to the GRICUA Board during Executive Sessions of either regular or special GRICUA Board meetings.

The Management Training Program (MTP) is intended to take between three to five years. During the MTP period, the candidate(s) will be treated as a full-time contract employee and will receive no special treatment either by the General Manager and/or the GRICUA Board. The selected candidate(s) will report to the General Manager.

The GM Succession Committee will meet with the General Manager on a monthly basis in order to monitor the progress of the candidate in the MTP. The General Manager will make a written quarterly report to the GRICUA Board on the progress being made by the candidate(s). In order to ensure appropriate organizational controls, the GM Succession Committee, the GRICUA Board or individual GRICUA Board members will not meet with the candidate(s) to discuss job related items without the approval of the General Manager.